A little bit about me

I am by all accounts, probably just a little bit crazy. I do not conform to society. Heck, I have 8 kids for starters. And the gap between the eldest and the youngest is 24 years! There have been many funny moments, when people have naturally assumed that my eldest daughter – when out with me and my youngest son, is Mum to 4 young boys. When they ask or comment, it is always fun when Renee says “Oh no, this is my little brother Antonio and these 3 are mine!” I then have to pipe up – “I’m the granny, but I’m also a mum with a little one!” ….

We arrived from Zimbabwe at the end of 2002 and made Australia our home. This was a decision forced onto us by the turmoil in the country. We were not alone, as every Zimbabwean began to “make a plan” for their immediate future. Everything that was once so familiar was suddenly upturned and ruined. Our homes, our families, our livelihood lost by the maniac that “runs” (should be ruins) the country. But we embraced the opportunity presented to us and here we are “Straylians”

Life is ‘full-on’ and there is never a dull moment. There is noise – usually lots of it when everyone is home. The kitchen is always busy and the laundry basket is never empty, but the flow of activity is our normality.